what we do

Strengthen stakeholder networks, build collaborative relationships and create growth opportunities in business through cultural competence.

60ZONE provides a platform to acquire the necessary cross-cultural communication, soft diplomacy and modern business protocol skills essential for global success.

Since 2014 we have helped professionals to develop an essential cross-cultural understanding of target markets and cultures to strengthen stakeholder networks, build collaborative relationships and create growth opportunities in business.

We work closely with organisational leaders who look to build collaborative global teams and provide the necessary cultural insights to help achieve buy-in of strategic objectives in culturally diverse hubs.

We are an essential resource for professionals transitioning into roles that require them to engage in the Asia-Pacific region. We work closely to strengthen their understanding of market culture and address potential cultural and communication barriers to interact with confidence and influence in these new markets.

We provide flexible and agile platforms to connect you and your teams to the cultural intelligence and protocol knowledge needed. We offer prompt ad-hoc cultural advice, team training or ongoing advisory for the successful implementation of strategic initiatives.

Through its Business Cultures International brand, 60ZONE also works with entrepreneurs and small to medium size enterprises, helping them to implement market culture and business protocol intelligence strategies to grow their foreign ventures.

60ZONE was established in 2014 and launched its Business Cultures International brand in 2016.  The services, programs and policies embrace the values of respect for cultural diversity, integrity and authentic collaboration to facilitate personal, professional and business development in an interconnected global business landscape.

meeting the changing needs of organisations

60ZONE has developed tailored programs for multidisciplinary teams to address specific learning objectives.  Our clients come from diverse industry sectors, including hospitality, banking, agribusiness, education and financial services.

Contributing to the improvement of communication skills to bring about cross-cultural understanding.


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