60ZONE provides accessible and practical solutions to develop a culturally competent local and global workforce.  Our Workplace programs address the needs of multi function teams, including:

  • Geographically dispersed teams to build collaboration and team cohesion

  • Administrative support teams to enhance team collaboration, engagement and productivity

  • Customer service teams to improve service levels and enhance customer experience

  • Entry-level talent to create culturally competent brand ambassadors through the use of modern business etiquette and business protocol know-how

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Cultural Awareness & Diversity in the Workplace

Leverage diversity and develop a collaborative and inclusive workforce.

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Communication & the Multicultural Team

Enriching the multicultural team experience to drive engagement and high performance.


Communicating with Influence - Bespoke EA Program

A unique program developed with first-hand insights into what it takes to optimise organisational leaders’ efforts. Communication and stakeholder management skills to strengthen the impact of the c-suite Executive Support Unit


Cultural Awareness for Local Teams Engaging Globally

Essential briefing for local teams engaging globally via virtual platforms

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Diplomacy Seminar

Interpersonal skills to survive and thrive in the modern workplace