In the Workplace

60ZONE provides accessible and practical solutions to develop a culturally competent local and global workforce.  Our Workplace programs address the needs of multi function teams, including:

  • Geographically dispersed teams to build collaboration and team cohesion

  • Administrative support teams to enhance team collaboration, engagement and productivity

  • Customer service teams to improve service levels and enhance customer experience

  • Entry-level talent to create culturally competent brand ambassadors through the use of modern business etiquette and business protocol know-how

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Culture in the Workplace

Enriching the Diverse Team Experience and their value to your organisation

What influences our behaviour and impacts our workplace interactions?  The Culture in the Workplace workshop provides a platform to engage diverse teams in an important conversation; one that builds cultural capability and enriches their value and contribution in the workplace. 

Utilising the latest cultural awareness training methodologies and tools, the Culture in the Workplace workshop provides participants with the opportunity to broaden their awareness of the differing work styles present within their teams and learn strategies for effective communication to drive productivity.


Cultural Awareness for Local Teams Engaging Globally

Essential briefing for local teams engaging globally via virtual platforms

Cultural awareness is no longer an attribute of international business travellers alone and developing your local workforce's culturally competent communication skills is now vital to the success of a growing international business.  

The Cultural Awareness for Local Teams Engaging Globally is particularly relevant for local teams interacting across borders via virtual platforms as part of day to day business. This includes teams who interact with important clients, suppliers, colleagues or managers located in countries where cultural and business norms differ.   


Communicating with Influence

Strengthening the impact of Executive Business Support Units

Strong leadership teams value strong and effective business support.   The Advanced Communication Skills for Executive Business Support Team training builds capability in a uniquely designed, executive-support-only program.  It provides an organisation's team of multi-skilled, administrative professionals with the communication skills and awareness required for positive and effective interactions with diverse stakeholders across local and global business contexts.

This unique training offers organisations an opportunity to develop the critical communication skills executive support professionals need in dynamic business environments.

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Collaboration for Innovation and Idea Generation

Strategies for Effective Collaboration through the lens of cultural awareness

Miscommunication often leads to a lack of engagement and collaboration.  If your business relies on the innovative solutions derived from a close-knit team, then effective collaboration must underpin all efforts. 

The Collaboration for Innovation and Idea Generation Workshop assists team leaders and their team conduct a health-check and develop strategies for improved team effectiveness and performance. Our expert facilitators can help your team establish the framework for collaboration best practice in a diverse team environment.

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Discovering Your Unique Work Style

Cultural Competence Begins with Self-Awareness

An in-depth look at the dimensions that define the way we approach work. 

Build individual and team awareness through exploring the dynamics at play in day-to-day work interactions including, communication style, decision making approaches, building and fostering professional relationships, correlation between achievement of tasks and nurturing collaborative relationships, and perspectives on hierarchy and power distribution in the achievement of team goals. 

An opportunity to understand and identify key strengths that drive results, both as individuals and as a team.

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Maintaining Workplace Civility in the Modern Workplace

With the growth of the activity based workplace, social media and virtual-only communication environments, maintaining workplace civility needs special attention.  The new rules for interacting in business dictate a contemporary set of ‘rules of engagement’ for professionals in the modern workplace. 

The Personal Diplomacy workshop builds on established etiquette rules and enhances them to present contemporary guidelines for interacting in the modern workplace.  Its focus is on assisting participants establish a personal diplomacy framework that not only represents their unique style but is relevant for today's workforce.  It provides a culturally agile framework to enable professionals to respond accordingly within the diverse contexts that business interactions now take place.