The 2019 Global Survey for Administrative Professionals

(If using a smartphone to complete, please use this link to submit your responses.)

Thank you for participating in this independent survey. Your feedback is important. There are 12 multiple choice questions in total which can be answered within 3 minutes. All individual responses remain confidential. We will only disclose the overall findings.

The purpose of this survey is to:

- ascertain whether global skills and cultural competency are important to executing the duties and responsibilities of business/executive support roles; and if so

- gain insights into desired and required skills for career advancement and/or professional growth. 

Through our findings, we support and champion executive support professionals globally in recognition of their extensive contribution and value to organisations worldwide.

The results of this survey will be compared to the first Global Survey which ran in 2015.  The results will be presented in late 2018 and as a recipient of this survey, you will also receive an invitation to attend the online presentation.  Join the Facebook group to stay in touch!

(If using a smartphone to complete, please use this link to submit your responses.)

Global Survey for Admin Professionals
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