60ZONE assists organisations in building their team's cultural competence, interpersonal and communication capability.  

We work to support and enhance People & Culture initiatives and, through our specialised exporter services, help prepare teams to interact in foreign markets.

To discuss your specific requirements, contact 60ZONE on +61 2 9199 4529 

Corporate enquiries info@60zone.com  |  Exporter enquiries info@business-cultures.com 


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60ZONE provides accessible and practical solutions to develop a culturally competent workforce.  Our service includes delivery of tailored programs for:

* Geographically dispersed teams to build collaboration and team cohesion

* In-house Learning and Development units to supplement diversity and inclusion initiatives

* Administrative support teams to enhance team collaboration, engagement and productivity

* Customer service teams to improve service levels and enhance customer experience

* Entry-level talent to create culturally competent brand ambassadors through the use of modern business etiquette and business protocol know-how


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Through 60ZONE's Business Cultures International, we assist exporters better understand market culture and establish the most effective approach when conducting business in markets with different cultural norms.  

We provide you with the business intelligence and equip you with the cross-cultural communication capability to interact successfully in your cross-border endeavours, regardless of target market. 

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We support the premise of cultural competence as a universal norm and position culture at the core of our training programs.

Our focus is on delivering an understanding of cultural concepts and competencies which impact communication and relationship building skills. The topics of our open workshops and webinars range from cultural awareness, business etiquette, communication skills and cross-cultural intelligence to interact confidently in diverse business contexts.

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